Debra Waterhouse
Debra's Biography

Thank you for visiting the Waterhouse Publications Website. You have joined over 2 million women who are embracing a new, healthier relationship with food through Debra Waterhouse's best-selling books and programs. You have joined Debra in her mission to end the epidemic of dieting, eating disorders, obesity, and body dissatisfaction.

As a leader in women's health and the anti-dieting movement, Debra Waterhouse has changed the lives of countless young women with anorexia, dieters with escalating weight struggles, young mothers with food preoccupations, and midlife women with hormonally-triggered weight gain. With 30 years experience in counseling, lecturing, appearing on television and radio programs, and writing life-changing books, Debra has gained international recognition as "The Woman's Nutritionist", offering a revolutionary understanding of the unique female body and a new way of eating and exercising that works with the realities of a woman's body instead of against it.

We invite you to browse through the varied topics and begin changing the way you relate to food, fitness, and your female body. Through cutting edge strategies for everything from weight control to stress management, you will discover effective ways to take care of your female body from puberty through menopause and finally welcome eating enjoyment and body acceptance back into your life.

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